Frequently Asked Questions

Can I take communion if I'm not an Episcopalian?
Yes. We welcome all baptized persons to participate by partaking of bread and wine, representing Christ's body and blood, during Holy Eucharist (Communion). Episcopalians place their open right hand over their left palm in a "cross" before receiving bread in their right palm. You may either swallow the bread then and soon after take a sip from the cup of wine, or wait and dip your bread in the cup instead.

How do I know what to do during a service?
We use The Book of Common Prayer for our services. The program given to you by an usher beforehand includes page numbers for reference. Much of the service is copied from this prayer book into the 10:30 am program for ease of use. You'll find that we stand to sing, for the Gospel reading and when we say the Nicene Creed. There are other times in the service where people may choose to stand, sit or kneel. The Book of Common Prayer often provides guidance as to what you might do.

What makes Episcopalians different than other Christians?
Episcopalians are part of the worldwide Anglican community. To quote from The Episcopal Church: Essential Facts ( 2000 by The Domestic and Foreign Missionary Society of the Episcopal Church), "It is a church profoundly influenced and revitalized by the great religious movements of the Reformation but whose essential worship, ministry, and doctrine continued to be what they had always been in the historic Church of Christ."

Our faith is based on scripture, reason, and tradition. We exist to proclaim the good news of Christ!

How can I explore Christianity and the Episcopal Church further?
Two good resources for exploration are the Bible and the Episcopal Church's The Book of Common Prayer; both of these are available for review in our pews and in our library. There is also additional literature available in the brochure racks in our entrance hallways. If you are considering joining St. Mark's and thus have signed up to receive our On Lion newsletter, you will know when we are holding newcomer or confirmation classes. Our clergy are also available by appointment to discuss your faith journey with you at your convenience.

What is St. Mark's position on diversity? Is everyone welcome?
We are proud of the inclusive nature of St. Mark's community, as well as that of the greater Episcopal Church. We welcome everyone, as evidenced by the tagline we use in our advertisements, programs and other communications: Connecting Spirits. Engaging Minds. Welcoming All. We draw members from the city, suburbs and rural areas, and there is a variety in individual members’ economic conditions. Parishioners of color and gay members hold leadership positions in our church and participate fully in the life of St. Mark’s.

The sanctuary is so beautiful; can I be married at St. Mark's?
St. Mark's is indeed a grand and lovely Gothic Revival church. We are delighted to permit marriages here of those who are members of our church or another Episcopal parish, or children of church members. We regret that we cannot accommodate others in our greater community by providing access for weddings.

How can I join St. Mark's?
It's easy! You can begin by completing the form found in each pew that requests your name and address; that way you'll begin receiving our newsletter On Lion. We offer baptism and confirmation classes annually, and periodically, a series of newcomer sessions as well. Our clergy may work with you through these programs or individually. If you are transferring your membership from another Episcopal church, then you may contact our administrator for assistance in that process. Members of our church are asked to participate in stewardship by making an annual pledge of financial support for our programs and services.

What does St. Mark's offer to families with children?
On Sundays we have a Worship Center for children age three through second grade at 10:20am. The children return to their parents at the time of the Peace, about 11am. A nursery staffed by certified Child Attendants is provided for newborns and children up to age three from 9:45am-12 Noon each Sunday. Both the Nursery & classrooms are on the upper level.

What does St. Mark's offer single or young people?
There are lots of single members -- of all ages -- at St. Mark's. One of the best ways to get involved is to join a commission or committee, or to attend one of our Christian Formation classes. Some of our younger members have started a GenNext social group that meets monthly.

How can I make a contribution to St. Mark's?
Often individuals or families want to make a financial contribution to St. Mark's (separate from annual stewardship pledges) in memory of someone important to them. Our administrator or rector can review the various opportunities for giving with you, including funds related to our endowment, music and outreach programs, or for unrestricted opportunities.

What if I have a question about this website?
If you need more information about one of St. Mark’s programs or services than what we have provided on this website, please call our office during normal business hours at 456-1684 or send an e-mail to Questions about the site design itself may be directed to